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Words of love from Nurture attendees...

My heart is so full from this weekend. The peace and ease that I feel within is so palpable. I smiled, all the way home and all evening. I feel so good today. Thank you so much. For holding space, for creating, nurturing, loving and every special gift in between.

I don’t think I will forget the moment when I arrived. I pulled into the property and instantly smiled. I know I had made the right choice. I parked, left my bags in the car and walked up the drive. I strolled up the porch and peeked into the office, no one there. So I went back to the front door and entered. Such magic, hearing the music echoing, the sounds and the aromas from the kitchen. Walking down the hall, taking it all in.

The self care and nurturing that took place this weekend, the healing, the releasing, the reconnecting, was and is exactly what I need. The moments that came up to be looked at and acknowledged. The new friendships that were formed. Kitchen and harvest table conversations. The labyrinth walk…Ohh the labyrinth walk. It was so powerful for me. Messages so clear. What a gift.

All the takeaways, the workshops, the many laughs and deep conversations. All ‘things’ I yearn for and wish to call more of into my life. Perfection in itself. I learned so much in many ways with many layers. What you have created is super special. It is inspiring and speaks clearly to my heart and spirit. - Priscilla, Yoga Studio Owner & Instructor

The retreat was an incredible growing and bonding experience. It was most of all so relaxing, in a way that showed me that I needed to take more time for myself than I had even realized. I took a sense of peace home with me, along with memories of enriching conversations with women of all ages, backgrounds, and talents. It was interesting and enlightening to be on such an open and even playing field with everyone, even though we had never met. I didn't feel any significant age differences, even though I was the youngest. The retreat made me more conscious of self-care and helped me become more in tune with realizing when I am not being loving to myself. Oh it was so valuable to me. It really had a profound and lasting experience and I am so unbelievably grateful. - Brittany, Writer

The retreat taught me that serenity can be achieved with the right environment and people. That my creativity is still within me, it hasn't died, it has been dormant. That who I am needs to respect my need to express myself creatively, and have creative "play" in my life to feel whole. It was a magical experience, it flowed well and the commitment to beauty, nurturing and harmony was very healing. HUGE value, truly a NURTURING self care retreat, the love was felt and the respect for each other. So grateful to all of you for a healing experience. The retreat facilitated a re-connection with the essence of myself, a part of me that is my core but got lost amidst the demands of daily life. The retreat renewed my faith in others and myself and revitalized my ability to take steps towards a more healthy, creative and life-affirming lifestyle.  Thank you for the nurturing and beautiful experience. - Zoe, Business Coach

This weekend really enhanced my love of creating things for myself, and the joy you get out of, not only the finished product but the process itself.  Whether it was the pasta, or the body scrub, it was energizing and rewarding to be present for the whole process. The labyrinth was probably the best way to end that weekend.  It was so incredibly moving.  I don't really know much about energy fields, but I definitely felt moved to the point of tears because of the overwhelming sense of all the people in the past to have done this.  I felt united in that we all share the same struggle and it gave me a huge sense of appreciation for life. - Evonne, Photographer

I went into the weekend searching for some balance, adventure, connectedness, positive energy and beauty and I absolutely found all of that and more.  It has had a profound impact on my life and I really can't thank you enough for envisioning the weekend and making it happen. As for what I took away:

  • Take more chances/adventures like that, say 'yes'

  • Take off the 'filter' that I use a lot and love myself as is

  • It took courage not knowing anyone and baring myself to strangers

  • I need beauty, art/creativity, spirituality in my life DAILY

  • Participating in workshops make me yearn to do more

Experiencing all of this with like-minded women was amazing! - Andrea, Chef

The retreat impacted me in a huge way because I needed some alone time to relax and clear my head from thinking so much, also getting away from the city life and my kids. What I take away from the retreat is to spend more time with myself each day enjoying the small simple things I do for myself and don't be afraid to asked for help when I cannot do it all by myself. My experience at the Self Care Retreat was amazing!  I felt very relaxed, enjoyed all the workshops, delicious home cook meals and made some great connections.The retreat venue is breathtaking and I feel so relaxed. Love it!  I got just what I needed. - Celita, Health & Wellness Coach

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I would like to thank you again for the opportunity and allowing me to participate as I continue to incorporate all the teachings from everyone into my daily routine. The retreat was a very valuable experience for me. The time away from daily life and being able to have meaningful conversations and connecting with such an amazing group of women was much needed. I took so much away from that weekend and am looking forward to the next one! - Karmila, Developmental Services Worker

It was a full weekend of learning, loving and laughing. Something we all need every once in awhile. This was the start of something new, a movement to all women to practice self care and nurture ourselves. This was something special and I am so happy I was able to be a part of it. - Alyssa, Photographer

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