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What is Nurture: A Retreat?

A delicious weekend created & curated intentionally to gather entrepreneurial women in community to explore the relationship between creativity & self care. 


You are a woman who has found the strength, courage, inspiration and motivation to be an entrepreneur. You may be experiencing the reality that the state of your business is often a mirror for what is going on inside you personally and asking yourself: "Where's the map for when it gets hard? How can I make this life-business connection a positive thing? How do I avoid burnout?"

All the courses and e-books and coachings that seem to hold the answers provide surface solutions for your business, but not for you - the person who owns the heart behind it.

This heart of yours has something to say, something to offer, something to share. It lights you up when you think about the work you feel called to do and how you do what you do best.

Then, the realities kick in. As if your workload as a small business owner isn't enough already, it's further weighed down by uninvited feelings of:

  • unworthiness
  • obligation
  • hesitation
  • overwhelm
  • demands
  • deadlines
  • second-guesses
  • and budget concerns, to name a few.

And the loneliness! Carrying out an idea in isolation feels overwhelming, even in spite of well-meaning, supportive family & friends. And, in some cases, those family/friends/partners/pets still rely on you to care for them in such a way that between your business and your private life, there is rarely any time for YOU.

Think about your priority list right now.

All the things that need or 'should' be done.

Where do YOU land on it?

If you're not in the top spot, and want to learn how to get there in a fun and gentle way, this retreat may be for you.



"Love?" you might ask.

Yes, love. Self care.

For yourself. For ALL PARTS of yourself.

It's about inviting love into the seasons of entrepreneurship - the stormy ones and the abundant ones - so that the business you are growing thrives because YOU are thriving.

Think of building the kind of foundation within yourself that no matter what life throws at you, you'd have not only a map, but a compass too, to find your way out with compassion.

The map is your creativity. The compass is your heart.



I'll never forget the day it hit me - a few years ago, I was in a heap on my living room floor feeling helpless and alone because I had come face to face with some difficulties in my own life. Two choices emerged: I could throw myself an elaborate pity party and play the victim role, OR, I could love myself through this difficulty. But what did 'love myself' even mean? What ACTION could I take? As a high achiever, I'd already taken courses, journaled, meditated and 'spiritual student-ed' ad nauseum with no lasting change. Then, it came to me, simple and true.

Do what you love. THAT is loving yourself.


Do what you love and bring it to your struggles. Create.

My creative heart loves cooking, writing, singing, nature, art, flowers. I surrounded myself with these things and was astounded by the difference it made in my life. I made space for my creative self, and she, in turn, made space for the stormier parts to teach what they needed to teach without throwing me off my game and losing my sense of self worth in the process. My life flourished.

This approach changed everything for me in such a way that I felt really compelled to share it with the women in my life who I knew struggled with the same crazy seesaw of high achiever/inadequate (so many of us are entrepreneurs!) and this retreat was born. I'd like nothing more than to share it with you.



We cozy ourselves up for a weekend in an old farmhouse on the shores of Lake Simcoe to laugh, learn, make, share, grow and connect. We eat hearty organic meals that nourish our bodies and spend time listening, honouring, expressing and collaborating with our own creativity and witnessing to that of others. Deep magic happens when women create together.

There are four hands-on workshops throughout the weekend lead by women who have been carefully selected because of how beautifully they embody the spirit of self care in their own creative practice.  Plenty of down time is also scheduled to spend as you need.

You are not alone! You'll come away with new friendships with kindred spirits who simply 'GET' where you're at because we've been there too. This is your community. Creative collaborations often emerge from the connections created and continue beyond the retreat.

If you've read this far, hello dear kindred! There's a spot for you at our harvest table



"I can't afford this." - This is a weekend of wonderful I stand behind with my whole heart. The price is reflective of care-filled attention to detail and partnering with the very best collaborators and purveyors for our meals (all organic & local where possible) and workshop supplies. I totally get that price can be a significant consideration and you want the best value. When you're thinking about your personal 'value' equation, what else is important to you? If you're interested, I'd be happy to connect with you via phone, Skype or in person to address any of your questions and speak further to what's on offer. If you feel really moved to attend, there are creative ways we can make that happen! Reach out to me HERE to set up a time. 

"I feel hesitant investing in a weekend like this when I 'should' be investing in my business." - Seeing investing in ourselves as directly investing in our businesses is not necessarily something that comes naturally. Changing this mindset is what this retreat is all about. If you legitimately don't feel like you've gained some valuable insight, nurturing and inspiration for both yourself and your business by the time we sit down to dinner Saturday night of the retreat, I will refund you in full. 

ADDED BONUS: You can write off this retreat as Personal Development on your taxes as a business expense! 

If you have ANY other hesitations, please know you never have to hesitate to contact me. I'm here for you to answer any questions, address any concerns, or simply to have your back when you need it. Contact me HERE anytime. 

With much love and excitement to connect with you!

Your friend in all of this, 


All photos on this page by Alyssa Wodabek, with the exception of the final photo by Liat Aharoni Photography.



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